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Owner, Photographer

Heather Santee

Licensed Realtor, visionary, and founder of Properazzi Sisters, Heather is a deft photographer focused on giving your clients the best photography experience and showcase their beautiful home in its full splendor.


Drone Operator, Social Media Expert

Huy Dinh

Meet Huy, a passionate photographer and videographer.  His talents in drone operations let him see the world from unimaginable angles while delivering top quality product with his eye for photography.


Director of Business Solutions

Eric Chen

Eric is a real estate veteran, technological guru, and entrepreneur.  He has successfully developed multiple businesses, and currently runs the administrative and tech services of Properazzi Sisters.  Whether it's business development, marketing, or website design, Eric's the guy to talk to.

Silhouette in Subway Tunnel

Lighting and Digital Touch-up Specialist

David Benjamin

David is our leading photoshop tech.  He specializes in editing the lighting and mood of our photos to enhance their quality and set the perfect tone for real estate sales.

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